Yoga & Meditation

Nepal, surrounding withyoga on Himalaya the extraordinary beauty of the Himalayas, for thousands of years has been attracting many great souls of the earth to take their incarnations in this land, Gautama Buddha is one instance. In fact, in a hidden way there have been many great enlightened masters crowned as the eastern genius who used to come and stay for their whole life by the side of the Himalayas. Hence, for the spiritual growth of one’s life, this magnetic land can be much more helpful and supportive than anywhere else, for these golden vibrations are still invisibly functioning around like the fresh air…
As the goals of practicing yoga are varied and range from improving health to achieving moksha, and based on the practices for optimizing the health of the body and quieting the mind, our hotel offers three types of short-term sessions in accordance with the state of modern people for choices.

Regular yoga practice: It contains a variety of activities, including postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), simple meditation (dhyana), and lifestyle practices. The whole purpose is to purify your body, to balance the body and mind through developing both strength and flexibility.

Deep meditation practice: It is a complete set of high-level technique of how to empty the mind, how to enter the cloudless inner world and experience the colorfulness and uncaused-blissfulness of our REAL life.

Traditional Taoism health-keeping methods (including the perfect method of fasting): These health-keeping methods are very ancient and scientific from traditional Taoism, which have been practiced in China for thousands of years. These methods are simple but very powerful; by practicing persistently for a short time your very life may achieve immense changes….